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If you’re interested in covering Crêpes for Change, we’d love to hear from you!

The founder, Dan, is available for media interviews and can provide further information about the project.

Get in touch with him by email by clicking here, or you can download our media release here.

Previous coverage:

29/01/2015 – Crêpes for Change was featured on Uncluttered White Spaces

26/01/2015 – Crêpes for Change was featured as part of FYA’s new initiative, Innovation Nation.

10/02/2015 – Dan Poole (Founder) was interviewed on Ideas Hoist

11/02/2015 – Mollie Cowell (Projects) was interviewed and featured on RMIT’s news page.

16/02/2015 – Dan Poole (Founder) was shot a video interview with Social Catalysts about social enterprise.

25/02/2015 – Dan Poole (Founder) was interviewed by Pro Bono Australia about social enterprise.

2/09/2015 – Featured on Open Journal

10/09/2015 – Written up in The Age

19/09/2015 – Featured on Broadsheet

21/09/2015 – Article in The Daily Mail

4/10/2015 – Short doco – YouTube

19/10/2015 – Video spotlight – Boroondara Youth Foundation

1/11/2015 – Anti-Poverty Week– the Foundation for Young Australians

9/11/2015 – Article & video feature– Mojo News

9/11/2015 – Story about the Coburg Night Market – Weekend Notes

8/02/2016 – Feature piece on Crêpes for Change– The Cusp

26/02/2016 – What’s on in 2016 – the Herald Sun