Issue #02: By Tenille Gilbert. Impact.

By November 7, 2017Canvas for Change

tenilleI have hit a funny stage of life; a stage that many of you may have already experienced, that some of you may be currently experiencing and that the majority of you will experience at some point.

It’s that stage post the societally depicted journey of life through school, onto further education and then… well, I mean, that’s where it ends. Or at least where it ends for me. I’ve never been one to do things exactly according to script, and so the classic next stages of getting full-time work, buying a house, having a family etc. etc. are a little far from the path that I hope to choose for myself. So it would seem that now is the time to start making some big decisions, to start shaping my own future, and that is where it gets a little scary from my perspective.

For as long as I can remember I have felt some kind of undeniable pull by the universe (or some greater force) to make a difference to this world that we live in. It’s impossible at this time to ignore that humans have created some pretty sad realities for both their fellow humans and the earth. And although at times I wonder if life would be a little easier and if my mind would run at a lower level of stress if I didn’t let these realities bother me, the truth is that they bother me greatly and that I have no intention of standing back and watching them happen.

I joined Crêpes for Change in my second year of uni, with a few volunteer experiences under my belt but other than that very little understanding of where I was heading or how I wanted to make my mark on the world- let’s be honest these wonders haven’t exactly been clarified as yet. However, the idea that a group of young people (average age of about 21 at that stage) could decide that they could make a difference to a significant issue, solely fuelled by passion and an undeniable will, made for the most motivating and exciting environment that I have ever stepped into.

This team is full of some of the most beautiful and inspirational humans that I have ever met, and this is what acts as a constant reminder to me that, although I don’t always feel as if I am making ‘enough’ of a change to the world as an individual, I am a part of a group of people who care deeply and that I am certainly not alone in my efforts to make a difference. That’s pretty cool.

Questions often enter my mind, especially in this tricky time of changes and decisions, as to if I am ever going to reach the high levels of ‘success’ that I have long set for myself (yes I am a chronic over-thinker and am chronically hard on myself). Maybe it’s all about challenging and improving yourself to allow yourself to be the best person you can for this world? Maybe it’s about making changes to your local community and focusing on one issue? Maybe it’s just about doing what feels right?
I’m still not sure, I’m not sure that I’ll ever quite be sure. But what I am sure of is that surrounding myself with others who are motivated and willing to work towards change is one of the best ways that I can feel optimistic about the future of this world. The team at Crêpes for Change, our wonderful partners at Launch, the inspiring young people from the Launch Foyer and the NT Social Change Summit participants (just to name a few), allow me to continue to work towards being the best person I can be and having the best impact that I can. For those of you who are on a similar journey to me, I hope that by opening up about my fears and desires, you may be at least a little liberated to sit within your own uncertainties as you are reminded that you are certainly not alone, and that it is with the power of a team that we can really start to shake up this world.

Katie Mitchell- you’re up.

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