Issue #01: By Ben Manassah. Media and Marketing.

By November 7, 2017Canvas for Change

What’s this all about?

fe779362-638c-4819-9f16-7f08b8dc5388You have all bought into something cool, a movement led by young people. We think we’ve really ticked the box when it comes to having a great band of volunteers.

As I’m sure you all know the nature of the team Facebook page is ‘talking shop’. Getting people to cover last minute shifts. Announcing new projects. This is a new platform for something different.  What I know is that a lot of you are doing really cool things inside and outside of Crepes and we want to give you the opportunity to talk about it.

Off the top of my head I know Tommy has a burgeoning career as a famous instagrammer, Maeve is part of this amazing mentoring program with Scarf and Levi would love to just talk footy with someone.

We called it the canvas because it really is just your space to write a bit about either a topic you’re really passionate about, something cool your portfolio is working on even somewhere in the world you want to jet off to.

We are going to try it as a monthly project- with a single author penning an open letter to the rest of the team (and to be posted it on a blog if you’re comfortable with us doing so). And then as they sign off they nominate the next author. There’s no obligation to write of course if you aren’t comfortable and the onus is on the previous author to make sure there is someone lined up to write the next instalment.

This is by the volunteers, for the volunteers. Let’s get to know each other a bit better.

Well, whose up next? There’s one person I know at CFC who would probably be bursting at the seams to want to share so I’ll get it out of the way.

Tenille Gilbert- you’re up.

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